Co-Founder & Executive Director

Tina Oswald helps raise money, works with property owners and managers to identify qualified grantees, and provides the necessary financial assistance allowing them to stay in their homes.

Tina Oswald is a former Legal Administrator with over 25 years of experience managing law firms. She left her last law firm in 2009 with the firm’s Managing Partner to go in-house with former client Mike Rowe (of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs) to help start-up and run his companies. She was also the Vice President & Director of Operations for The mikeroweWORKS Foundation, a public nonprofit whose mission is to support skilled and technical education.  As she puts it, she finally found her “dream job” working in the nonprofit world.

She joined the team in early April to set up the Resident Relief Foundation. In her role as Executive Director, she works with property owners and managers to identify qualified grantees, works with applicants, does fundraising, and manages the day-to-day operations of RRF. She also administers RRF’s financial education program which provides applicants with the necessary financial skills to help them avoid future financial crises.

Tina grew up in Woodland Hills, CA, has a Certificate in Management Effectiveness from the University of Southern California, is the oldest of 7 children, has the cutest dog in the world (Boy George), and from the stands, acts as the 13th member on the Trojan football team at every home game.