Property Manager Referral for Rental Assistance

Details About Referring a Resident

The Resident Relief Foundation does not discriminate against race, color, religion, disability, age, gender, marital status, credit score, income, or anything else. We support Equal Housing Opportunity. If you are referring a resident, we ask that you do so based solely on facts. You, as the property manager, know who your responsible residents are (as defined to the right). Our mission is to serve as a temporary bridge and help responsible residents facing an unexpected financial crisis outside their control to stay in their homes and avoid unnecessary eviction and/or homelessness.

Our application asks you for pertinent pieces of information such as: confirmation of the facts (this online process), payment instructions, and a copy of the resident’s FULL ledger for the entire term of the tenancy. We may also ask for the lease. The resident authorizes you to share this information with us when they sign the application. If a grant is approved, we ask that you waive any soft costs (e.g. late fees) as a courtesy to us as a 501(c)(3) public charity. This will help us assist more deserving residents.

Other questions you may have:

  • How much of a resident’s balance is eligible for payment? (Only certain months, rent only, etc?)
    • There are 2 answers:  1) If the resident can prove they have sufficient income to cover their monthly overhead going forward, our board will consider whatever the amount is owed.  There are no guarantees that they will approve any request and they determine the amount but bottom line, the amount is not limited.  2) If the resident cannot prove they have enough income going forward, our board will consider a maximum of 2 months of rent.  Because we cannot write a grant check and still leave the resident at imminent risk of eviction, if they owe more than 2 months they must come up with the difference or have a written repayment agreement with you.
  • Are utility balances on the account eligible for payment?
    • Our grants are only for rent. That said, small additional amounts billed through the rental accounting system can be considered. Outside utility charges are not.
  • Are there certain stipulations put in place for the landlord should we accept this resident aid? (i.e. agreement to discount future rent, the requirement to renew the lease in the future, etc?)
    • No. The only thing we ask is that you waive any late fees/soft costs on the ledger as a courtesy to us as a nonprofit. That is only IF the grant is approved.
  • Is there a contract that would need to be signed?
    • No. If your resident applies, we will send you a link to this page for you to confirm a few facts related to their tenancy and for you to provide a complete ledger.

NOTE: We expect that the particular apartment in question is not being marketed to other prospective residents during the time we are getting the necessary information from the resident and obtaining Board approval. If at any time the property makes a decision to market the apartment, you must notify us immediately.

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