Property Manager Referral for Rental Assistance

Details About Referring a Resident

The Resident Relief Foundation does not discriminate against race, color, religion, disability, age, gender, marital status, credit score, income or anything else. We support Equal Housing Opportunity. We ask that you make your decision to refer a resident based solely on facts. You, as the property manager, know who your responsible residents are (as defined to the right). Our mission is to serve as a temporary bridge and help responsible residents facing an unexpected financial crisis outside their control to stay in their homes should they desire to do so.

Our application asks for pertinent pieces of information we need to make and/or support our determination. The only things we require from the property itself are confirmation of the facts (this online process) and a copy of the resident’s FULL ledger for the entire term of the tenancy. The resident authorizes you to share this information with us when they sign the application. If we are able to help the resident, we ask that the property waive any non-rent fees (e.g. late fees). This is will help us help more deserving residents.

NOTE: We expect that the particular apartment in question is not being marketed to other prospective residents during the time we are getting the necessary information from the resident and obtaining Board approval. If at any time the property makes a decision to market the apartment, you must notify us immediately.

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