Our Purpose

We are driven by a single goal: to help responsible residents stay in their apartments during an unexpected financial emergency.

Whether it’s a temporary work/job interruption, a car accident, a medical emergency or something similar, sometimes a person just needs a little help to get through a short dip in financial stability to keep going on their own.

Keeping responsible residents in their homes

Our Mission

To be a bridge that helps responsible residents stay in their homes during an unexpected financial emergency that is outside of their control. We provide qualified residents housing stability during a chaotic time and help them avoid a forced move or worse, eviction and homelessness.

Did you know?
16 of the 25 least-affordable communities in the U.S. are in California, according to 24/7 Wall Street.
Established by the Co-founders of Gelt, Inc. and Domuso

Our Leadership

Dealing with the challenges of helping today’s resident requires innovative problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks.

Damian Langere


As one of the founding partners of Gelt, Inc., Damian Langere helped lead the company’s growth from a single $150,000 four-plex to its current asset base of over $1 billion.

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Keith Wasserman


Keith Wasserman founded Gelt, Inc. in 2008 and has been involved in the acquisition of several commercial, industrial, and residential properties mainly in the Western US now totaling over $1 billion in assets.

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Tina Oswald

Executive Director

Tina Oswald helps raise money, works with property owners and managers to identify qualified grantees, and provides the necessary financial assistance allowing them to stay in their homes.

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Melissa Wasserman

Board Member

Melissa Wasserman, PsyD's expertise and passion lie in working with military connected individuals in both research and clinical capacities.

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