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Evictions Have Apartment Owners Balancing Resident and Company Needs

Multifamily Executive
Press Coverage
Tina Oswald, executive director of the Resident Relief Foundation (RRF), which supports residents facing eviction, said she’s seen a dramatic increase in applications for assistance in general. read more

Resident Relief Prevents Evictions

San Fernando Valley Business Journal
Press Coverage
The Resident Relief Foundation in Tarzana has launched a fundraiser to protect U.S. workers from eviction after suffering financial emergencies related to the coronavirus pandemic. read more

CBS 6 News

WTVR-TV Richmond
Press Coverage
CBS 6 News covers how the Resident Relief Foundation, in partnership with the Colorado Apartment Association, is helping people pay rent amid the pandemic-related rise in unemployment. read more

KNX 1070: Mottek On Money Special Edition

KNX 1070 Los Angeles
Press Coverage
Mottek On Money Special Edition - Coronavirus Crisis featuring Tina Oswald, executive director of the Resident Relief Foundation (22:30) who discusses how the foundation is helping people at all income levels who are having difficulty paying rent. read more
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As of 2017, Americans’ total revolving debt (typically summarized as credit card debt) was estimated to be over $1 trillion dollars. That's a one with twelve zeros. So if you are struggling with getting out of debt, clearly you are not alone.