Resident Application for Rental Assistance

Details about applying

You’re submitting an application to be considered as an awardee of The Resident Relief Foundation’s Rental Assistance Program (“Program”). This Program is anticipated to be a one-time grant for household rent only.

The goal of the Program is to keep residents who wish to continue to reside on the property, in their rented homes during an unexpected financial emergency. Once the financial emergency passes and the grant is given, our goal is that the resident recovers enough to continue to pay rent timely on their own for the remainder of their tenancy.

Depending on the circumstances, most of our grants are anticipated to be a one month partial or full rental payment paid directly to the landlord and/or property manager pursuant to the resident’s existing rental agreement.

To qualify, you:

  • must be “at risk of eviction” or being “forced to move” because of a no-fault situation
  • have met the key criteria,
  • provided all the requested documentation, and
  • can continue to pay future rent once the default is cured.

“No-fault” is defined as a sudden illness, temporary loss of income, temporary disability, reduction in government assistance, unexpected major medical expense or victim of a crime, etc. It may also include a temporary loss of employment because of a major weather-related disaster such as a Hurricane, Fire or Tornado.

All applications will be reviewed by our team and will be approved/not approved in its sole and unfettered discretion.

Two rental assistance programs are available to residents:

  • 1) a grant (gift) or
  • 2) a “Pay-it-Forward” grant (anticipated that you will pay it back when you are able).

Which program you qualify for depends on your specific situation including potential future income expectations.

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