I Can't Wait to Pay it Forward!


Hawley, PA

This has relieved so much stress and honestly has improved my health.

Dear Resident Relief Foundation –

I’m SO happy that I have the opportunity to personally thank all of you and the efforts of RRF.  I thank Tina for the “big sister vibe” who provided me with more of an understanding of my financial burdens and gave me ways to continue to rebuild my credit and work toward financial success, even at 43!

Emma was beyond helpful, patient, and courteous during the entire process.  This grant has relieved so much stress and honestly improved my health even.  The amount of eye-opening stress adders that I didn’t realize were going on has really made a difference now that I’m rid of them.

I can’t wait to be able to pay it forward and again, I’m so grateful for finding Resident Relief Foundation!


Jessica and family