Note From a Landlord


Montebello, CA

Every so often we receive an email from a property manager or landlord thanking us for helping their resident.  This one particularly touched us –

Dear Resident Relief:

I can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into securing funding for Maria.  I was delighted to receive approval yesterday.
I just want to say that it was a wonderful 74th birthday present for me!

Taking care of a few apartments over the past 50 years has had its ups and downs.  I’ve extended courtesies to tenants over the years only to be left with destroyed apartments and several months of unpaid rent.  Occasionally there are truly desperate families like Maria’s.  Sincere in providing for her two children without a husband to help, she is a proud person with a deep faith in G-d.

Thank you for working with me, and my limited ability to gather and upload all the necessary documents.  The work you do does make a most positive impact on those trying to live in a world of sometimes impossible barriers.  Thank you for that.

With profound thanks and gratitude,

Dov S.