A Lay-Off Challenges Their Ability to Stay in Their Apartment

Emmy R.

Las Vegas, NV

Emmy is a hard-working mom of 2 disabled boys. A short-term job loss threatened their ability to stay in the place they've called home for the past 5 years.

Emmy is a wife and hard-working mom of 2 disabled boys. She and her family moved here from Saipan 5 years ago to get better access to medication and health care for their bleeding disorder. The family has been living in the same property for 5 years. A few months ago, her husband was laid off and although he’s been looking for work every day, it fell to Emmy to move from her part-time job to full-time which she just started. They were behind but able to move forward with a small amount of assistance from The Gelt Foundation. We were so happy to be connected with Emmy’s family thru Pinnacle and be able to help keep this family in their home!

Here’s what Emmy had to say:

Thanks to the understanding of our landlord Mandy who referred us to the Gelt Foundation we able to keep our apartment unit. To Ms. Tina Oswald of The Gelt Foundation who was very patient and helpful with my application, thank you all. One day, I will contribute to your foundation to extend your help to others that are in the same situation as I was. Thank you.

God bless!  Emmy Rios and family