RRF Case Study #1 - Steven, Valencia, CA

Valencia, CA

This Army Veteran was about to be just another homeless statistic in Los Angeles County. Not on our watch!

On May 7, 2018, Steven was scheduled to be evicted and homeless. He had put a week’s deposit down on a local motel and was arranging to have his things put into storage. His VA benefits were too high for anyone to help him… until Resident Relief Foundation came along. On May 3rd, four days before the Sheriff was to lock him out, he got the great news that he qualified for a rental assistance grant and was not going to have to lose his home, have an eviction on his record, and worse, become another homeless statistic in Los Angeles County.

Now in 2023, Steven is still living in his apartment, paying his rent on time, and being the great resident he has always been.

CLICK HERE to hear him tell his story:  RRF Case Study #1