Where Would We Have Gone?


Fayetteville, NC

You have changed our lives forever.

December 2020

Good afternoon, my name is Vanne and I have to let you know that this organization has been a true blessing to me and my family.

I am a single mother of two amazing boys that deserve the world. I love them very much but for the past two months, I have been hiding the fact that we may have been getting evicted right before Christmas. I had never mentioned it to them. Because of this Foundation, I don’t have to! The process was stressful but the ladies that helped me through the process were very patient and understanding. I will never forget Ms. Tina and Ms. Emma. I will never forget the day the Resident Relief Foundation put joy back into my life!

Because of this program, I know how to budget and save money.

You guys really don’t understand how you made me feel the day I received the call saying I was approved.  It changed my life and our Christmas. Where would we have gone if you all did not step in. You are truly a miracle sent from God.

I learned more than just getting the rent paid. Because of this program, I know how to budget and save money. It kinda reminded me of an aunty talking to me, teaching morals and values and just preparing me for the world. I thought I had it all together struggling to make it day by day feeling like tomorrow will get better but still making crazy decisions until eVolve was introduced and the fact that I have it to utilize for months or more is something I need.

I learned so much.

Since my first contact with you, I went from being negative in my bank account to being able to now start canceling all the overdraft fees and keeping a positive bank account. Putting some expenditures off will help my debt. I learned so much and I am so grateful because without this team of amazing people, I would have still been in the same situation but preparing to move would have been the only difference.

I just want to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I start a new job this Sunday and I am on my way from here.

From me and my children, we say thank you and Merry Christmas!  You have changed our lives forever.