Hapeville, GA

I got whipped into shape!

December, 2020

Dear Board of Resident Relief Foundation:


I want to thank you guys for helping me.  I am a single mother of a 7-year-ol superhero.  I have been taking care of him on my own.

You made sure my son will have a roof over his head.

Earlier this year I tried restarting my life and making a home for my son.  When COVID-19 hit, I lost my job and had to start looking for a way to fix it.  I lost my car but I prayed and I was given a chance to save everything.  I began working and hitting the ground running.  I realized that I still needed help.  I went searching and then I found you guys.

The eVolve course was amazing.  It taught be how to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  I got whipped into share. It’s also still available to me so I’ll always have it.

You have NO idea how much this means to me.  Again, I really appreciate you for saving me.  You made sure my son will have a roof over his head.  Thanks again for the bottom of my heart.

Yvonne R.