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We help a demographic no one else helps: hard-working, responsible people who, if they are the average working person living in an apartment, are living paycheck-to-paycheck, have little to no savings and are spending a lot more than 30% of their income on housing. They are probably also carrying credit card or other debt.


Success Stories

There are many ways we help responsible residents, hit with a sudden financial emergency and with nowhere else to turn, to stay in their apartments.

RRF Case Study #1 - Steven, Valencia, CA

Valencia, CA

This Army Veteran was about to be just another homeless statistic in Los Angeles County. Not on our watch!

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Homeless 5 years ago, this family was on the verge again.


West Covina, CA

There have been very few things that made me cry in my lifetime. I don’t know what would have happened without their (Resident Relief) aid but I am beyond thankful every single day for what myself and my family have been gifted.

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Five weeks without pay and I couldn’t afford anything.


Roseville, CA

I’m thankful the Resident Relief program exists. It is simply miraculous that a group of people are out there that will help people who are temporarily having a really hard time.

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I never thought I would struggle a day in my life...

Cassandra G.

South Jordan, UT

Cassandra thought she was bettering her life for her family by taking a better job with an increase in salary. She had no way of knowing that the company would soon decide to move to another state and give her very short notice leaving her without a job.

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Did you know?
75 percent of Southern Californians can't afford to buy a home, according to the state Realtors association.
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Resident Relief Foundation Case Study #1 - Steven

Press Coverage
An Army Veteran living in Los Angeles County was about to be evicted and homeless in May of 2018. No one would help him because he "made too much money" and all 20 agencies he called, turned him down. Thankfully, through LAHSA he was connected with us. We stepped in, cured his default and almost 2 years later, he's still living in that apartment, paying his rent on time, just like he had done before his medical emergencies. And very grateful. read more

Spectrum News1 TV Interview with Tina Oswald

Press Coverage
Our Executive Director, Tina Oswald, was invited to sit down with Anchors Giselle Fernandez, Lisa McRee and Melvin Robert to talk about how Resident Relief Foundation is helping ease the rent burden for workers affected by the government shutdown. (4 mins) read more

The Gelt Foundation is Re-Named Resident Relief Foundation

Press Release
Change Reflects Broader Effort to Prevent Homelessness Industry-Wide read more

Averting Eviction

San Fernando Valley Business Journal
Press Coverage
Many Angelenos living paycheck to paycheck are one financial crisis away from eviction – and quite possibly an extended nightmare of homelessness... (paywall) read more
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