We have a heart for renters.

Keeping responsible residents in their homes nationwide.

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helping today’s renter

Our Story

We help hard-working, responsible people who, if they are the average working person, are living paycheck to paycheck, have little to no savings, and are spending more than 30% of their income on housing.

Join us as we help keep responsible residents in their apartments during an unexpected financial emergency and also help them better prepare for future emergencies.

Read the article about Michael and RRF in NAA UNITS Magazine:  Finding Rent Relief


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We’re driven by a single goal: to help responsible residents stay in their apartments during an unexpected financial emergency.

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Individual grants are based on several factors including ability to get past the current financial crisis, need, and situation.

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We’re dedicated to making a lasting impact to support responsible residents facing a sudden financial challenge.

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Did you know?
Housing accounts for 37% of the average American's budget.

Business Insider — August 24, 2017 read more


Success Stories

There are many ways we help responsible residents, hit with a sudden financial emergency and with nowhere else to turn, to stay in their apartments.

Forever Grateful!


Orange, CA
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Our Deepest Gratitude

Stephen B.

Missouri City, TX

The grant that you have provided has given us not only financial assistance but also a sense of security and hope for a better future.

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Note From a Landlord


Montebello, CA
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It's a Blessing That Programs Like This Exist

Hernandez Family

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for the learning tools to help us better our knowledge of finances and how to manage them.

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