...But Then I Got Hit By a Car

Jonathan C.

Simi Valley, CA

My job at the time was as a courier using my own car to deliver packages, so when I lost my car, I immediately lost my job.

My name is Jonathan and I recently received a grant from your foundation to help me pay the past-due rent on my apartment and I am writing to say thank you for helping me in a time when I really needed it and at a time when I had no one else to turn to. I’ve done my best to be a responsible tenant and, before I got hit by a car, I’d literally never been late on a rent payment. But then I got hit by a car.

To be specific, I was rear-ended on the highway, by a guy who claimed to have fallen asleep at the wheel at 2PM, and the force of that collision caused multiple collisions with several more vehicles ahead of us. Everyone involved agreed unanimously that I was not at fault, but that did not repair the injuries to my body or the damage to my car, which was a total loss as a result of the accident.

The man who hit me had insurance that was virtually non-existent and completely inadequate, and my own insurance was only able to cover the loan I had taken out on my now non-destroyed car. My job at the time was as a courier using my own car to deliver packages, so when I lost my car, I immediately lost my job. The injuries I sustained from the accident also reduced the amount and kind of work I’m able to do, so things got very tough, very quickly.

“When I lost my car, I immediately lost my job”

For a long time, I simply had no income. When I finally did get some money coming in, the amounts were typically tiny and inconsistent and I began falling behind on all my bills. I did everything I could do catch-up, even selling my blood plasma, but for awhile it just wasn’t enough, and even minor setbacks caused me to immediately fall behind again.

I felt like Sisyphus, always trying to push the boulder up the hill, never quite reaching the top before losing it and having to start all over again. When I finally figured out a way to consistently bring in enough money to cover my rent, I found myself stuck exactly one month behind with no clear way to get back on track. I was technically bringing in enough to pay the rent each month, but no more, and so I stayed stuck 1 month behind, month after month.

My landlords were more understanding than many, but even so their patience was limited, and there came a point where they felt that beginning the eviction process was their only option….and then, like magic, the Gelt Foundation swooped in and saved the day.

My application was reviewed in an amazingly short amount of time, and I was approved while I was literally making calls looking into transferring myself into a hostel or shelter.

Now, I am happy to say that I am back on track, and this month I will be paying my rent on time, in full, and without the threat of eviction hanging over my head, and I have the Gelt Foundation to thank for that.

“My landlords were more understanding than many, but even so their patience was limited”

My gratitude for the grant I received is as tremendous as my relief that I can now finally live without the fear of becoming homeless, and I want everyone at the Gelt Foundation to know how sincerely I appreciate the help. I really had no one else to turn to.

Most of my relatives have passed away, and the few that remain live below the poverty line. I applied for every kind of assistance I could find an application for, but the only thing I ever got approved for was food stamps, and though I was grateful to have them, they didn’t pay the rent.

I’ve always tried to be self-sufficient, and in the past, I’ve been able to take care of myself without anyone’s help, but this time it was just more than I could handle on my own.

Thank you for being there when I had no one else. I would have been a flag-waving supporter of this program even if they hadn’t been able to help me personally since they did though, I’m happy to say I can waive that flag from home instead of the street.

With great appreciation, Jonathan C.